The new Community Recycling & Resource Center is now open at 4330 1st Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35222, Mon-Fri: 7-6, Sat-Sun: 10-4.

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The Solar Foundation’s State Solar Jobs Census 2015 has lots of good news… except for Alabama: Alabama’s non-existent or even regressive solar policies have resulted in our “Sunny South” state ranking 50th in solar jobs per capita. (Indeed, as if to add insult to injury, a town called Alabama in New York state is expected to create more than three times the total number of solar jobs than the entire State of Alabama — and recently attracted an additional $10M investment from Korea.)

Glass collection for recycling has begun again after relocating the Recycling Center to 4330 1st Avenue South, near Avondale. After Argos (formerly LaFarge NA) stopped accepting glass at their Calera cement manufacturing facility over three years ago, our only option to continue recycling glass was to attempt to transport it to markets in Georgia and Tennessee due to space and equipment limitations. There were expensive logistics of collecting, storing, transferring, and transporting glass out of state. Unfortunately, this was not sustainable and we stopped the program. We are glad to resume this valuable service for the Metro Birmingham area!

As of May, almost 1,600 people have responded to the Alabama Solar Knowledge (ASK) Project public opinion survey. (And if you are not among the respondents, you can correct that omission with just a few minutes of your time here!)

Mirroring national survey results, Alabamians want renewable energy such as solar and wind, hands-down. When asked, “Of the energy sources listed here, which two would you MOST prefer your utility to use more of here in Alabama?”

As many of us suffer through the final clouds of Alabama pollen, the lure of getting outdoors is irresistible, particularly with the plethora of outdoor events, festivals, and concerts. In addition to good times, such events can also produce large amounts of trash. However, with a little bit of planning and conviction, anyone can easily host a near-zero waste event. 


Our Business Paper Recycling Program helps these businesses, schools, and organizations to recycle hundreds of tons of paper. The next time you visit these establishments, be sure to thank them for recycling.