The Keep Birmingham Beautiful Commission (KBBC) is sponsoring a recycle bin distribution day for residents, living in the City of Birmingham, to use for weekly curbside recycling pickup on Wednesdays. Curbside recycling is only available for those single-family dwellings that have their garbage picked up weekly by the City of Birmingham Department of Public Works (DPW).

Distribution will take place Wednesday, September 12th, from 8AM to 12PM, between City Hall and Linn Park on Short Twentieth Street. Residential information will be collected and placed in the DPW Recycling Collection database.

Contact Michelle Hamrick at the Irondale Public Library for registration: 205-951-1415


Contact Leslie West at the Homewood Public Library for registration.


Whether you have residential curbside recycling or you take your recyclables to a drop-off recycling center (or trailer), you can assume the following materials will be accepted:

·   Plastic bottles and jugs

·   Paper, newspaper, cardboard, paperboard, and magazines

·   Aluminum Cans

·   Steel Cans

Beyond these basic household items, recycling requires a bit of research to determine if an item is recyclable and where it can be recycled. Since I get a lot of calls from folks inquiring about harder-to-recycle items, I’ll try to sum it up for you with this quick list. Of course, you can always conduct a search of nearby recycling facilities by visiting

What: E-cycles Recycling Day and culmination of Great American Cleanup

When: Thursday, May 10, 2012 6AM - 12PM

Where: Linn Park, Short 20th Street

The City of Birmingham and Keep Birmingham Beautiful Commission will host an event to allow citizens to recycle their Electronic Waste instead of sending it to our landfill. One of two e-waste recycling days, the highlight is the opportunity to recycle TV's for FREE! TV's and computer monitors are often difficult to find recyling outlets for. This is also the conclusion of the Keep Birmingham Beautiful Commission Great American Cleanup.


Published: Thursday, March 15, 2012

Contact Leslie West at the Homewood Public Library for registration.


Contact the Vestavia Public Library for registration.

Workshop will be held in the Outdoor Classroom.