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The workshop will be held in the Community Meeting Room. global work party - climate awareness day of action

Climate Awareness Day of Action


For Press, Contact: Mitch Reid, Program Director, Cindy Lowry, Executive Director
Alabama Rivers Alliance
w. 205-322-6395


Conserve Water

Save Water Inside

In Alabama, when you save water, you are reducing your demand for coal-burned electricity production.  A tremendous amount of energy is wasted for the purpose of extraction, filtration, heating, and pumping water, often to flush down the toilet or water the yard.  Install low-flow showerheads and low-use toilets to reduce consumption.  Install a water heating system that only heats on demand.  Take a shower instead of a bath and make it a short one.  Wash fewer clothes and be sure to do it in cold water.  Install Rain-barrels and Rain-gardens to harness natural resources and reduce run-off.

Click here for more water/energy conservation tips!


A great way to save water for our streams, tap water for drinking, and money for our pockets is to harness the rain for watering needs by building a Rain Barrel. This simple project can be accomplished in just a couple of hours with minimal, simple, carpentry skills and locally found parts.

With more than 77,000 miles of rivers, streams, and lakes, Alabama is the #1 state in diversity of freshwater wildlife. However, Alabama also ranks 3rd nationally for imperiled fish. We live in a biological hot-spot as recognized by regional, national, and even international groups and it is our responsibility to care for this natural resource. In addition to our work on water issues, we partner with other water groups around the state like the Alabama Rivers Alliance, Black Warrior Riverkeeper, Cahaba River Society, Clean Water Partnerships, Friends of Hurricane Creek, Mobile Baykeeper and many more. Water is life!

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