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The United Methodist Women group at Bluff Park United Methodist Church on Monday is holding a public forum on the topic of climate justice.

Kyle Crider, the energy project manager for the Alabama Environmental Council and the Alabama Solar Knowledge project, plans to talk about the impact of human behavior on the earth’s climate and the theological implications of such behavior.

The final day of the recently concluded Plastics Recycling Conference in New Orleans opened with a panel examining recycling's broader impact beyond simply materials recovery. On the agenda was the relationship between recycling, product life cycle assessments (LCA) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and what they mean for businesses.

"Economics are not the only part of LCA," said Dave Cornell of APR who presented best practice guidelines for plastics life-cycle analysis, "but that which looks good on LCA, is generally good for economics."

Cornell outlined the essential steps of analyzing a product's lifecycle, including taking proper inventory, gauging the impact of a product in terms of energy use, water use, greenhouse gas generation and solid waste. He also outlined open loop versus closed loop recycling - the former describing a single-use product with no recycling, the latter incorporating recycling techniques to get the maximum number of uses out of basic raw materials.

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