Members have been the life-blood of the Alabama Environmental Council since its inception. It was started by a group of friends, sitting around a kitchen table. That's how we view our members: a group of friends supporting each other and working on common goals.

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Membership Type Amount
Student/Restricted Income $20.00
Individual Membership $25.00
Family Membership $40.00
Friend of the AEC $50.00
Trailblazer $100.00
Protector $250.00
Defender $500.00
Conservator $1,000.00

In addition to annual membership contributions, many of our members opt to make regular donations to the AEC outside of their regular dues.  These extra contributions make it possible for the AEC to not just continue regular operations, but to thrive and grow our programs.

If you feel so inclined, we would appreciate any monetary donation you can contribute, even donations of stocks and bonds, as well as other property or materials.  Just as with regular membership dues, your additional contributions are tax deductible.

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Minimum: $1.00