Alabama Environmental Council’s (AEC) goal is to become the non-profit authority on energy for Alabama, seeking ways to meet Alabamians’ current energy needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. AEC provides environmental and economic information on energy based on sound scientific research and analysis. Honoring its grassroots background, The organization is generating opportunities for Alabamians to shape a long-term, safe, secure, affordable, and clean energy future.

AEC is actively working to advance a more diversified energy portfolio in Alabama with reliance on clean renewable energy, efficiency and conservation.  We promote renewable energy development in Alabama, educate and empower Alabama’s citizenry towards reducing their carbon footprint while saving energy and saving money, and develop and support policies that focus on clean jobs, energy efficiency and more sustainable energy production, transmission and distribution. AEC recognizes the impact of pollution and emissions on climate change, health, and economic prosperity.  Accordingly, we have an interest in promoting policies and programs that enhance air quality as well as those that reduce the catalysts for degrading it. 

The objectives of the POWER-UP CAMPAIGN are to reduce energy bills through efficiency and conservation, to cultivate opportunities for renewable and alternative sources of energy, and to shift energy choices for a clean and healthy environment for all Alabamians. More about the Vision of Energy programs at AEC can be found at this link.

Alabama Solar Knowledge (ASK) Project:

The Alabama Environmental Council (AEC) and the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Government (UAB) have established the Alabama Solar Knowledge (ASK) partnership to map data collected from solar businesses in and near Alabama and also from Alabama citizens. It is envisioned that the mapping format can be used in later phases to display energy consumption and electricity generation data and possibly link to energy efficiency resources. AEC will guide the data collection portion of the solar map project with the assistance of UAB students and UAB will manage the mapping component. Currently there is no central repository of information on Alabama’s solar installations or installers.

We're asking businesses to tell us about their firms as well as information about each Alabama solar installation they've worked on through this survey. Citizens who aren't in the solar industry are also invited to add information and thoughts by filling out the comments section on the Installations & Opinions survey. And if you're aware of solar installations, you can also fill out an entry there for each solar installation you know about.

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