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You have the opportunity to help bring back the highly popular glass recycling program and be the first to recycle your glass while supporting the Alabama Environmental Council. Until 2014, AEC had been the only location recycling glass in a 5 county region for over 10 years, but had to stop due to our end-user backing out and a lack of space to process the material at our site. We are now relocating the Recycling Center to a larger location, adding processing capabilities, and creating new local markets for the glass.

A primary goal for the new site is the ability to recycle glass more efficiently and more sustainably. In the past, we could collect only small volumes of glass before unloading and reloading it in trailers to ship long distances to markets, which became financially unfeasible. With our new site, we’ll be able to collect larger volumes on site with the option to either load it straight into trailers or pulverize it (with our new glass pulverizer!) for reuse in local markets. Accordingly, there are additional costs and we are asking for your help.


With the new site, we expect to quickly return to seeing 75-100 cars per day, which is what we had when we were accepting glass before. AEC will charge a small $1 per bin of glass recycled to help cover some of the cost, but members will receive $10 punch-cards for pre-paid recycling.

This card entitles you to $10.00 of free recycling.  It can help you recycle approximately 408 pounds of glass -or- around 932 bottles and jars-or-help save enough energy to run a 100w light bulb for 3730 hours-or- 155 days.  Just depends on how you want to look at it. Let’s say everyone working together and doing a little-- Makes a clear difference.

From a community investment standpoint, this returns a popular, valuable, and visible service to the area. Because of your support of sustainability, this sounds like something you would support. If you know of others interested, please let us know.

The new Community Recycling & Resource Center buildout is going well and we would love to show it to you and provide any additional information about our plans. We’re excited about this new opportunity and hope you are also, and we look forward to your support of the new glass recycling program with your membership.

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