The Alabama Environmental Council (AEC) is excited to announce the start of a glass collection program for Downtown Birmingham bars and restaurants. Since 2004, the AEC’s Downtown Birmingham Community Recycling Center has been and is the only location in Jefferson County that accepts glass for reuse. Even prior to glass being excluded from curbside recycling programs, local bars and restaurants requested that an on-site glass recycling service be made available to them. The ADEM Alabama Recycling Fund grant to the JCDH has helped bring to fruition a much needed addition to the AEC’s glass recycling program.

Follow this link for Glass Program Press Release.

Although successful and available to anyone in Jefferson County, the Center’s program limits glass recycling to those who are willing to deliver materials to the Center. Even with this limitation, over 750 tons of glass is being diverted from area landfills each year. The AEC receives numerous requests for glass recycling and continues to identify ways to increase the amount of glass being diverted from landfills. This glass collection program for bars and restaurants will lead to a cost and space savings for local landfills as well as decrease the wear and tear on hauling operations.

Program Operation:

The AEC is supplying local establishments with barrels for glass collection and charges a small monthly fee to cover ongoing glass-collection costs. The AEC picks up the barrels twice weekly and prepares it for transportation to markets in Tenneesee and Georgia. Recycled glass in this program is used to manufacture insulation, cement and concrete products, water filtration media, reflective materials, and more. 


  • A potential decrease in your waste hauling fees and conservation of landfill space.

  • Advertising tools including window decals to promote your participation in the program and demonstrate you commitment to environmental stewardship

  • Be a part of keeping 750 tons of glass out of Alabama landfills every year.

  • Listing on, social media, newsletters, and events.

  • Local and regional industries will receive an increase in recycled feedstock for various consumer goods.

  • Help move Alabama closer to achieving our statewide recycling goals.

Program Details:

Upcycled 55-gallon plastic barrels will be placed at an accessible location on your property and will be exchanged for empty barrels every Monday and Thursday. There are also promotional items including door decals to announce participation and bar coasters to promote your commitment to recycling. The AEC has also established a similar program for office paper recycling on the other days of the week.

To find out more about this exciting new program or to sign-up your business, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you soon.