The new Community Recycling Center is now open at 4330 1st Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35222, Tues-Fri: 10-2, Sat: 9-4, and CLOSED Sunday & Monday. 

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4/4/15 We're Open!

Visit the new Community Recycling Center and bring all your recyclables to us. Purchase your punch-card onsite with cash or credit for glass, batteries, monitors, or TV's. Or become a member and support expanding our efforts. Visit with our knowledgeable staff to learn what can and what cannot be recycled. See what we've been working for!

4/1/16 No foolin', we're opening on Monday!

A lot of work has gone into getting the new site ready and the day is finally here. Please join us Monday at 10am for a small ribbon cutting, officially opening the new Community Recycling Center. Located at 4330 1st Avenue South, it will be our new Birmingham location and is literally 10 times bigger than our downtown site, and will better serve the community, the organization, and recycling in the metro area. Can't wait to show it off to you!

3/17/16 Celebrating Green on St. Patty's Day!

We continue making progress and have identified an opening date. On Monday, 4/4/16, we will begin accepting recyclable materials at the new site, including glass. Small volumes up to 18-gal of glass will cost $1 to recycle and volumes up to 55-gal of glass will cost $3. Punch Cards will be sold for $10 to assist in paying for hard-to-recycle items like glass, so you don't have to find a dollar every time you come. Purchase a punch card with cash, check, or credit cartd and speed up the process. We will have a special temporary entrance to help facilitate dropping off all that glass you've been stockpiling. More info to come.


The biggest news this week continues to be getting the Andela Pulverizer ready to crush glass. We received a lot of help from Star Recycling getting it in position so it can be wired with power. Getting close!

Otherwise, the rest of the site is getting closer to completion as well. We look forward to welcoming you soon:



Glass Pulverizer returns to Birmingham! It's hard to believe this machine was rescued from the weeds, refurbished, and now looks like new when it came off the production line. Andela Products has done a great job refurbishing and updating their original production, helping to bring back glass recycling to the Birmingham area. Huge thanks to Pete at Birmingham Recycling & Recovery and Jeff at Osborne Machinery Movers for helping us unload. We truly could not have done this without their help! Stay tuned for putting it together and flipping the switch!




The warehouse is nearly complete! It has gone up really quickly and is almost ready for our refurbished baler that will bale recyclables in preparation to ship to manufacturers that will make new consumer goods.



Gates are installed and pulverizer pad is complete. We'll be getting the pulverizer delivered in the next week or two, which is nearly the final step to getting glass recycling going. All that's left is to finish the warehouse, and we'll be moving our operations. We are truly getting close to completion. Be watching for news!




The finish line is in sight! Below you can see a view of the ramp leading up to where the glass pulverizer will be located. Our glass pulverizer will be loaded with a skid steer and will process up to a ton of glass per hour. The next photo is the floor of the warehouse being poured this morning. We'll let the slab cure for the rest of this week, then construction of the warehouse will commence.



Progress is underway on the warehouse. Footings have been dug and reinforcements are being put together. Slow process, especially with the weather, but still working on it You can see the nearly completed office in the background. 


Work has also begun in prep for the installation of the Glass Pulverizer. We'll be building a platform for the machine as well as a ramp to be able to dump into the surge hopper. Once complete, we can bring the machine in and begin installation.



We are breaking ground on the warehouse! That is an exciting step, and moving toward the final preparations. Still a few weeks until it is finished, but it has taken a lot to get to this point. Permits were finally approved and secured, and we can now move ahead with this vital piece of the puzzle. We'll keep you posted.



We now have a completed driveway. Once open, you'll be able to enter the site on 1st Avenue South, dropoff your recycling with our helpful staff, and then continue onto Powell Avenue to exit. The days of backing out of the recycling center are almost over! We anticipate the footings and foundation for the warehouse to be poured any day now. We will simultaneously pour the foundation for the newly refurbished glass pulverizer. The Center will open once the warehouse is complete.



Special thanks to Ready Mix USA for partnering with us on providing a portion of the concrete. The entrance is nearly done with some of the collection and processing areas being poured next. Ready Mix USA is playing a much needed role with Block USA and concrete coming from them.



Office continues to take shape and got a fresh coat of paint, helping it to fit well with the welcoming wall on 1st Ave South. Looking forward to the inside coming along as well!



Office is going together quick and windows should be in by the end of the week, being able to start work on interior finishing:


AEC hosted a one-day Recycling & Waste Reduction Summit at Beloved Community Church in Avondale. Serving as both a reception and celebration of the upcoming move, AEC co-hosted the Summit Soiree with the Alabama Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. The Soiree featured live music, food, and beverages, as well as the first opportunity for the public to dropoff glass for recycling. Unfortunately, we won't be able to accept glass again from the public until the move.


Update on Glass Pulverizer: We received the below pictures from Andela on the progress of our refurbishment. All is going back together well, including upgrades since it was first put together, and receiving a fresh coat of paint. All that's left is to finish re-assembly, add the appropriate height legs, and send it back to Alabama. Can't wait to install it at the new Center and begin pulverizing our glass for recycling!



Office construction has begun and will be a great place for our staff as well as small meetings:



Update on Glass Pulverizer: We received the below pics from Andela on the refurbishment of our pulverizer. It arrived safely to their factory and has been deconstructed and inspected before the rebuild. All parts look to be in good order and will be able to be put back into use after some upgrades. Look forward to seeing what they can do and getting it back to revitalize glass recycling in Birmingham.



Can't have the most beautiful recycling center without having fresh landscaping and a good coat of paint:


In order for the concrete bunkers to be used for glass, they had to be re-oriented. This meant building a reinforced end where there was none, and opening up what was closed off. Here, you can see the newly oriented bunkers, ready for glass!


Gip wasted no time preparing the front entrance for the new site. Instead of a boring chainlink fence, a block wall was created including stucco and leaf imprints at the pedestrian entrance. Soon, you will see how beautiful this wall will become:


Utlizing a grant from the ADEM Recycling Fund, AEC purchased a glass pulverizer that had been sitting in the weeds for quite sometime. The same grant also funded the refurbishment of the equipment, which will be delivered following some additional site preparations.



Knowing AEC had been looking for a new recycling center site for quite sometime, Dick Berliner and Ben Weiseman from REV Birmingham introduced AEC to Gip Plott of Plott & Company. Upon seeing the proposed site and meeting Gip, it was clear that we had found our new home.

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