Preserve, Protect, & Promote a Healthy Alabama

AEC works to organize Alabamians into an environmentally conscious community by increasing awareness of environmental issues throughout our state, providing education resources, and collaborating with partners to work towards sustainable solutions.

AEC is focused on ecological, economical, and social sustainability that is undeniably interconnected to environmental health. Ecosystem destruction, pollution, and wasteful practices negatively impact Alabama’s valuable natural resources, economy, and citizen’s health. By building informed community coalitions and state-wide partnerships, we can develop a healthier, more resilient, and successful Alabama, together.

We CAN make positive change happen when we’re informed and organized. Join us!

Knowledge is Power

Waste is an Opportunity

We believe in a circular model for energy, manufacturing, and industry including: reducing the extraction of new materials, renewable energy, transportation, reducing waste, and preventing pollution.

Innovation is Imperative

We CAN cultivate a healthier, more sustainable Alabama by moving away from extractive, inefficient, wasteful practices, and promoting in-state circular manufacturing and business models through coherent citizen action.


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