To Preserve, Protect, and Promote a Healthy Alabama for a Sustainable Future.

Focus and Intentions

Alabama Environmental Council, formerly Alabama Conservancy, was established in 1967 before the first Earth Day, before the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, and before there was an Environmental Protection Agency.  We were the first environmental advocacy organization in the state! We have an admirable history that you may not be aware of.  We invite you to read Protecting Alabama: A History of the Alabama Environmental Council  written by Clara Ruth Hayman.

Preserve and Protect Alabama’s Natural Capital

With services such as Recycle Alabama, we serve Alabama as a leader in recycling program development and advocate for reduced landfill use.

Unify Information and Action for Healthier People and Places

Building on history and our statewide mission, AEC continues to bring people, groups, and information together, building strength on strength toward a healthier living environment. We support groups that have a similar mission and connect individuals to local relevant resources and offer  practical sustainable living tips. Together we can.

Promote Economic Growth through Green Business

The future of environmental protection lies in the hands of an economically-stable community. AEC promotes “green” jobs and businesses, and advocates for growth of environmentally-sound companies within our state.

Our Team

Board Members:

Amanda Braddock - President
Bob McKenna
Pat Byington - Vice President
Ahana Vedre
Martin Ledvina - Treasure
Toni Smalls
Scott Helton - Secretary
Susan Haskell
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