Matthew Nesbitt

Matthew studied secondary education at Lambuth University, in Jackson Tennessee. After
college he developed a love for food, and where it comes from by working in high- end
restaurants in and around the Birmingham area.

Wanting to cultivate a deeper knowledge of agriculture, Matthew decided to leave Birmingham
and go to work on organic farms in Georgia, North Alabama, and England, where he helped
each farm manage their composting efforts.

In 2019, Matthew enrolled and completed the Composter Operations Training Course put on by
the United States Composting Council, the authority and standard bearer for all things compost.
The intensive course provided Matthew with the confidence and know-how to successfully
operate his own composting site. With his background in regenerative agriculture and his
operations training in different composting systems, Matthew continues his work with Kitchen
Table Consultants,, a consulting firm that provides a
pathway to profitability for farms all over the country.

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