Ronda McMichael

Anne’s Cans owner and CEO, Ronda McMichael, has been in the waste business for over 40 years and has grown her businesses to encompass almost everything imaginable related to waste and waste disposal. McMichael puchased Anne’s Cans in 2010 and founded Wise Environmental Services, Inc. at the same time. Wise Environmental has purchased several smaller companies, including Mac’s Vacs and Yellow Hammer Roll Offs, to expand the ability of the company to handle portable sanitation on a larger scale. McMichael is a lifelong resident of the Anniston/Oxford area. Anne’s Cans’ crew are local to the Birmingham area and her staff and crew at Wise Environmental are local to the Anniston/Oxford area, as she is a firm believer that making her community better starts at home. McMichael is adamant about training, safety and diversity, and strives to help her staff be the best possible employees, as well as give them a great working environment.

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