Sade C. McClaney-Hammond

Sade C. McClaney-Hammond, a dedicated and multifaceted professional, holds her roots firm in the vibrant city of Birmingham, Alabama. A proud alumna of Jacksonville State University, she harmoniously blended her appreciation for aesthetic and life sciences, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in both Art and Biology, complemented by a minor in Marketing. Sade seamlessly navigates the realms of real estate as a licensed Alabama Realtor, where her keen eye for detail and a robust understanding of market dynamics empower her clients with informed and advantageous decisions.

In her pivotal role as the Executive Director of the Keep Birmingham Beautiful program, her fervor for environmental conservation and sustainability finds a meaningful outlet. Here, Sade tirelessly propels initiatives that not only beautify her beloved city, but also instill sustainable practices within the community. Her multifaceted educational background uniquely positions her to intertwine aesthetic principles with biological understanding, creating environmentally congruent and visually stunning urban spaces. Always with an eye toward the future, Sade continues to ardently serve her community, ensuring that the beauty of Birmingham is not just preserved but also evolves in harmony with our ever-changing world. Her journey is not merely a career, but a testament to her unwavering commitment to community and environmental stewardship.

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